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Playoff Pants Party: Eagles Vs. Giants

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Seriously, it has to be frustrating. The Eagles make their mad dash to win the division and grab the third playoff seed ... and they still have to play the goddamned Giants in the first round.

We're gonna get right to predictions on this one, so that we do not further frighten young AJ Daulerio, who has already painted his face green.


Cool Standings: Eagles.
Football Outsiders: Eagles.
Harmon Forecast: Eagles.
Paul Zimmerman: Eagles.
Peter King: Eagles.
Kissing Suzy Kolber: Eagles.
Deadspin: Giants. Sorry, Daulerio: The Giants have that baseball Cardinals feel, we think. Plus, sprinting like crazy into the postseason and then losing at home to the Giants ... doesn't that sound like something the Eagles would do?

We can't be the only one who likes Seattle, can we? Let us know in the comments ...

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