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Snore. Anybody else smell craptastic blowout on this one? Even though the Seahawks are notorious bed-shitters when it comes to the playoffs, it seems almost impossible for them to lose this game. Yes, the Redskins defense is great, Greg Williams is a multi-millionaire genius, and the offense is...hmm. Well, they appear to have eleven players on that side of the ball.

So, this could prove not only to be the most boring of the playoff weekends, but also the worst uniform game as well.

Alas, predictions.

· Bill Simmons: Seahawks
· Daily Quickie: Seahawks
· Cris Carter: Seahawks
· Peter King: Seahawks
· Paul Zimmerman: Seahawks
· Harmon Forecast: Seahawks
· Nunyo Demasio: Redskins?!$!?(Welcome to the party, Nunyo. And this gigantic limb.)
· DEADSPIN Pick: Seahawks

(Give us your predictions and rationales in the comments, if you have game. Do you have game? Seriously, do you have it? Take your time. We ll wait.)