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Shouldn't Tigers fans be happy that their first playoff experience in about 323 years leads them against the Yankees in the first round? Isn't it more fun that way? Wouldn't it not really feel like the playoffs if they were playing anybody other than the Yankees?

Maybe? Hey, we're trying to help.

Here's a roundup of predictions from around the Web.

• Buster Olney: Yankees in four.
• Tim Kurkjian: Yankees in four.
• Dayn Perry: Yankees. (Our estimation.)
• • Jeff Pearlman: Yankees.
• Jeff Passan: Yankees in four.
• Mark Pesavento: Yankees in five.
• Baseball Prospectus: Yankees in four.
• John Donovan: Yankees in three.
• DEADSPIN: Yankees in three. We're not so convinced the Yankees are the dominant force people seem to think they are ... but the Tigers just got swept at home by the Royals, and not even the Cardinals did that. And hey, at least we're not jinxing anybody.

Let's hear your predictions, or at least your heartfelt beliefs in a clearly dead baseball team, in the comments.