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All told, we'd rather listen to "I Love LA" for the five-millionth time than "Our Team, Our Mets." This is probably the most intriguing series of the four, with teams from the two largest media markets in the country, which is probably why it starts on at 4 in the afternoon.

Here's a roundup of predictions from around the Web.

• Buster Olney: Mets in four.
• Cool Standings: Mets in five.
• Tim Kurkjian: Mets in five.
• • Jeff Pearlman: Dodgers.
• Jeff Passan: Mets in four.
• Mark Pesavento: Mets in five.
• John Donovan: Mets in four.
• DEADSPIN: Dodgers in four. Ignoring the regular season records — because why would anyone pay attention to those? — the Dodgers look to have a larger advantage in the rotation than the Mets do in the lineup. Dodgers are our World Series pick, by the way ... so we apologize, LA.

Let's hear your personal jinxes in the comments.