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Playoffs Pants Party: Padres Vs. Cardinals

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We know there's absolutely no reason to believe the Cardinals belong here, and we know that the Red Sox, the Phillies and the Angels — teams that weren't particularly close to making the playoffs — all had better records. That doesn't mean we still can't be happier the Cardinals are here. October is an extremely long month when your team isn't playing.

Even if maybe it means just three games.

This rematch of last year is being seen as decidedly different than last year, though, to be fair, when the Padres are wearing the cammo uniforms, you can't really see them at all.


Here's a roundup of predictions from around the Web.

Buster Olney: Padres in four.
Tim Kurkjian: Padres in five.
Dayn Perry: Padres. (Our estimation.)
Jeff Pearlman: Padres.
Jeff Passan: Padres in three.
Mark Pesavento: Padres in three.
John Donovan: Padres in four.
• DEADSPIN: Cardinals in four. Hey, someone had to pick them. If not us, who? Besides, the concussed Jim Edmonds will be replaced by Matt Leinart by game three, and he'll be the spark they need. But who will replace the concussed us?

Let's hear your predictions, or at least your heartfelt beliefs in a clearly dead baseball team, in our lovely comments section.

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