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Please Do Not Stalk Jordan Bell

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Last September, Warriors then-rookie Jordan Bell shared a photo on Instagram from the balcony of his apartment in Oakland, which was sufficient for observant and/or obsessive Warriors fans to pinpoint exactly where he and his girlfriend were laying their heads. According to a report from The Mercury News, Bell picked up a stalker soon after and eventually was forced to move.


Bell shared more details of the stalker situation with a media scrum at an open Warriors practice on Monday, and they’re about as creepy and unsettling as you’d expect:

“I kept seeing him every day. He was just standing outside, he was, like, wearing glasses, had a backpack, he was standing outside. I’m thinking he’s just a fan, wants like an autograph, but he was there every single day, and I was like, that’s kinda weird, you know exactly where I live.

He asked me to sign an autograph, and like, for a week, every day I did it, because I was like, I just got [to the NBA], so like I wasn’t signing autographs like crazy, like that. And then we played the Spurs, I believe, and my girlfriend was walking our dogs outside, and he came up behind her and was like, ‘yo, is Jordan here?’”

Bell’s girlfriend’s encounter with the stalker apparently happened at night, and this is especially frightening for the way Bell demonstrates the man putting his hand aggressively on his girlfriend’s shoulder during the exchange. Bell and his girlfriend reportedly filed a report with police, but the decision to move to a new building or neighborhood was apparently made immediately. Consistent with literally every person’s experience of dealing with landlords, Bell is reportedly still battling to avoid paying a penalty for the early termination of his lease.

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