Please Don't Let This Series Ever End

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It is clear, at this point, that the Mavericks-Warriors series is hazardous to the health of anyone happening to be watching at home. What a travesty that these beautiful, crazed, maddening games are ending so late; it's impossible to watch this series and not think the NBA might be the most league on the planet.

We thought Bill Simmons' pregame breakdown of this series was rather dead-on — whatever criticism Simmons might receive, the guy knows his NBA — and until the last three minutes, you had to wonder if Dirk Nowitzki would retire post-game, because he clearly would be too ashamed to show his face in public again. And then ... he woke up, and a series that had, in just five games, covered just about every possible subplot added one more.

This is a series we desperately do not want to end, and we're already counting down the minutes — just 36 hours until it goes batshit crazy in Oakland again tomorrow night — until it fires back up again. That's too much time to wait. We suspect no matter what happens the rest of the way, this is the series from these NBA Playoffs that everyone will remember. And we're still only five games in.


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