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Please Join The Deadspin Facebook Page For All Your Hot Mexican Lady Reporter Updates

Ines Sainz, you've made us so icky. But there are other things to read about on the site besides Mexican ladies with giant gumpers. If you joined the Deadspin Facebook page, you would know that already.

Or not, actually. Jeez, looking at it now, 50% of the stories are about Ines Sainz. Sorry about that. We promise we'll be less boob-oriented as soon as this news cycle passes.


Oh, what's that? What's up with Alexia Fortunato? Well, scumbags, she's enjoying the new commenting system. I do not believe she's Mexican. But let's check in with her anyway.

Once again, congratulations to Bobby Big Wheel!

Now won't you please join? If you have already done so, thank you from the bottom of my heart.



And while we're at it, thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. We shall return again tomorrow.

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