5. This all climaxes in what I have to say is honestly the most incoherent, confusing, and downright inexplicable grand finale I’ve ever seen in a big-budget comic-book movie. You’ll have no idea what is going on, what the rules of this universe are, why everyone is fighting, or hey what just happened there? Seriously, this quietly intriguing movie just turns on a dime halfway through and turns into, well, a Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie. Trank uses his cast well: There’s solid chemistry between Teller, Jordan, and Mara, and they’re all charismatic enough that you want to spend more time with them. I would love to see a movie where they hang out and do science things and never develop any powers whatsoever. But this, whatever this is, is as big a mess of a comic-book movie as I can remember.


So what happened? Did Trank just not think through the superhero sections? Did the studio get in the way? There are a lot of talented people falling on their faces here, after seemingly looking so assured. In the lack of any stronger evidence, I’m afraid I must lay the blame on the Fantastic Four themselves. It might be impossible to make these dorks in the blue suits and their long-ass arms and their CGI fire and their penises made of boulders to look anything other than ridiculous. If these guys can’t do it, I’d argue now that no one can. Please: No one else try.

Grade: C

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