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Please Take Your Trick Shot Video And Shove It Up Your Cockhole

Seriously. Unless there's someone who is brave enough to drop a baby off a high-dive through a basketball rim, Deadspin is longer interested in trick shot videos.

It doesn't matter if you're a quarterback. Or a long snapper. Or an adorable eight-year-old boy. I get it. You spent hours and hours perfecting or recreating all of these ridiculous shots so you, too, could become the next Johnny McEntee. Now watch some enterprising young TV producer from Versus or MTV2 or G4 develop a show around trick-shot cockholes who will compete against one another throwing cantaloupes from atop skyscrapers into fish bowls because they will look at the millions and millions of YouTube viewers who can't get enough of this h-o-r-s-e shit and convince themselves that they are still creative people doing creative things and building creative brands because they are Creators, first and foremost.


So, yeah, go ahead. Keep throwing that basketball off the top of the neighbor's roof and wait patiently for the whimsical YouTube gods to make you a star because I can assure you, cockholes, that it won't happen because of this site.

Unless it's that baby thing I talked about earlier. We'd be all over that.


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