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Professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari was recently disqualified from a tournament and forced to forfeit his $110,000 stack because he tried to pee into a container while sitting at the table.


You may be thinking that Esfandiari was pushed to such extreme lengths because of some tournament rule outlawing bathroom breaks, but that’s not the case. Players are free to get up and use the bathroom whenever they want, but Esfandiari was unable to get up because of an extremely silly prop bet that he had going with a friend. From his official statement:

“This happened because of a big prop bet I had with my buddy Bill Perkins that mandated I lunge everywhere for two days. I cannot explain the pain I felt in my legs. I did what I thought was the best play at the time. Looking back now I realize it was a terrible judgment call on my behalf. I am a new father now, and this is not the kind of example I want to set for my son.


The good news for Esfandiari is that he won the prop bet and took home $50,000 (which he will be donating to charity). The bad news is that he is now the Poker Piss Man.

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