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Meet Salomon Ponte, the winner of a WPTDeepStacks no-limit hold ’em tournament. After taking first place, he sat down for a post-tourney interview and took the opportunity to relentlessly advertise himself. Everyone has to make a living, but Ponte was seemingly incapable of stopping the hustle.

Ponte started the conversation with some boilerplate cockiness about his opponents in the tournament. “If you look at my day one and day two, I was Snapchatting more than I was playing,” he bragged.


Ponte, who was already wearing his company’s logo on his hat and sweatshirt, also took the opportunity to mention his day job as an accountant. “I have tax season coming up,” he said.

About two minutes in, all the promotion got to be too much for Jeanine Deeb. She yanked the business card out of Ponte’s hand and tossed it.

Of course, he had another card in his pocket. Always be prepared when it’s tax season.


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