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Reds flamethrowing closer Aroldis Chapman fired eight gunshots inside of his garage and was accused by his girlfriend of choking her during an October 30 party at his Davie, Fla. home, according to a police report obtained by Yahoo.


According to the account the girlfriend gave to police, she and Chapman got into an argument after she found something on his phone. Chapman pushed her against the wall and placed his hands around her neck but did not stop her from breathing, according to her account. One of the dozen or more police officers dispatched to the house observed that she had no visible injuries on her neck or chest area. After the girlfriend’s brother intervened she ran outside to take care of her four month old child, according to what she told police.

Chapman told police that he merely poked her in the shoulder, and that her brother pushed him to the ground before they were separated by other party guests. Chapman’s driver told the cops that Chapman’s girlfriend charged at Chapman and tackled him.


After the argument Chapman wanted to drive away but his friends wouldn’t let him, he told police. So he went into his car to retrieve a hand gun before locking himself in his garage and firing eight shots. Seven went into the garbage, while an eighth was fired out the window and into a field.

Last week prosecutors declined to charged Chapman with any crime, as there were “conflicting stories” and “no cooperating witnesses” to support any charges. MLB tells Yahoo they’re opening an investigation.

Earlier today, there were numerous reports that the Dodgers agreed to acquire Chapman in exchange for two prospects. But as the day wore on more skeptical reports began to trickle out that said the deal had yet to be consummated, and the two teams never announced anything. According to Yahoo, the hiccup that held the deal up was the Dodgers learning of this alleged incident.


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