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Police Called To Bill Simmons's Home For Burglary Only To Find Mighty Mighty Bosstone In Socks

DAULERIO (video by Tommy Craggs)

If not for a podcast of four lesser-known comedians, the world probably would have never heard about the absurd Keystone Coppery that went down during a recent football Sunday at the Sports Guy's manse. Follow along with the audio, courtesy Megaboom.

Now, according to Simmons, some of this tale was embellished by these yarn-spinners, but, yes, the cops did arrive because his neighbor saw Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones entering through the back portion of the Simmons household. The neighbor, who thought Sport Guy, Gal, and Brood were all away, called the police because the menacing-looking gentlemen seemed up to no good. The cops showed up, armed and ready to take out the would-be intruder in a tony residential area of LA.


Simmons begrudgingly responded via email:

The cops arrived and found four people watching football and eating bagels. Two were in socks.

The Sports Guy's World is slowly morphing into Larry David's.

Hans Gets the Lingonberries [Megaboom]


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