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Police: MLS Player And Miss Washington USA Involved In Bizarre Stabbing Incident

A couple weeks ago, news came out about the mysterious stabbing of Marco Pappa, an MLS player, in his Seattle apartment where he was accompanied by Stormy Keffeler, the recently crowned Miss Washington USA. Details were scant at the time, but TMZ has learned more, and the specifics are wild.

Here’s TMZ’s summation of the police report, which you can find at the bottom of this post in its entirety:

Ex-Miss Washington Stormy Keffeler appeared drunk—and had blood on her shirt and hands—when cops arrived to her boyfriend’s Seattle apartment after he had been stabbed ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports.

Cops say ... when they arrived to the home of MLS player Marco Pappa on December 17th — there was blood all over the walls ... and also on a knife in the kitchen.


Police arrived on the scene after Keffeler called 911 (Update: the recording of which you can now hear below), where she said, “I’ve had an accident at my boyfriend’s apartment.” When asked, Pappa told the police that Keffeler was not his attacker. Keffeler too denied any wrongdoing, though police say her version of events changed:

When asked for an explanation, Keffeler said they had been walking home from a bar earlier in the night when Pappa was bumped “by an unknown person.” Cops say she then changed her story and later refused to talk to police completely.

In the police report, cops paint a picture that seems very damning of Keffeler — saying there was a trail of blood from the kitchen area of the apartment to the bathroom ... and in the bathroom, there was blood spatter on the wall along with several “stab marks” on the wall.

Seems cops are convinced the stabbing took place inside the apartment.

Update [2:54 p.m.]: Okay, so from the police report, we have a clearer understanding of the scene police happened upon on the night in question, and it’s as strange as the rest of this.

When police arrived to the apartment, Keffeler let them in. She was wearing a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. The cops say she appeared intoxicated, had some blood on her hands and shirt, but did not appear to have been in an altercation.

Keffeler’s first version of events was that while she was waiting in the apartment, Pappa returned by himself from a nearby bar and told her that he had been stabbed. He then said he was going to take a shower to clean himself up, but midway through complained of feeling dizzy. That was when Keffeler called 911. Keffeler claimed the blood on her person was from her attempts to aid Pappa, but police found no bandages or anything of the like around.


After further questioning, Keffeler’s story became that she and Pappa both had been walking home from a bar when an unidentified person bumped into him. It wasn’t until they got back to the apartment, she claimed, that they realized he was injured. Along with finding multiple bloody knives around the apartment and blood trailing all around, police did not find any blood trails in the building’s entryway or anywhere else outside the apartment. When the officers sought more details about her story, Keffeler’s story continued changed until she informed them that she would no longer be talking to them.

Pappa was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery for the stab wound in his abdomen. The day after the vague news of the incident broke, Keffeler resigned from her position as Miss Washington USA. The police investigation is still ongoing.


Update [2:16 p.m.]: TMZ got ahold of a bunch of pictures from the scene, as well. Here are a few:


Update [3:04 p.m.]: Now TMZ has the 911 call, too, and it is ... very strange:


Update [2:25 p.m.]: Below is the Seattle PD report on the incident.



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