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Two Texas football players, Kendall Sanders and Montrel Meander, are charged with felony sexual assault for an attack that police say happened last month in a university dorm room. They have since been suspended from the team.

Sanders also is charged with one count of improper photography or visual recording for having a picture of the woman on his phone, possibly taken during the attack, according to court records posted online by the Austin American-Stateman. The full arrest warrants can be found at bottom, and they graphically describe the woman's account of being vaginally, anally, and orally violated by both men, even as she vocally and physically resisted.


The woman told police she was having consensual sex with Meander in his dorm room on June 21 when someone knocked at the door and Meander let Sanders in. Here is how court records describe what happened:

When Sanders entered the room, Meander walked into the bathroom. Sanders began taking off his clothes, which were athletic shorts. The victim told Sanders to stop and that she did not want to engage in sex with him. Sanders got in the bed anyway and forcibly penetrated her vagina with his penis. The victim told Sanders to stop, that she did not like what was happening. Sanders told the victim that she would like it and that it is going to feel good.


The woman tried closing her legs, but Sanders forced them open and continued the assault, first on the bed and later on the floor. At one point, he anally penetrated her. Again, the woman said no and tried to push him away.

The victim tried using her leg to push Sanders away ... The victim vocalized to Sanders that she was uncomfortable and did not want to have sex with him.


Instead, Meander returned to the room and both men continued assaulting her, penetrating her in both the vagina and mouth.

The victim asked Meander why he was doing this and he did not reply, he just stared at her. The victim told us that she withdrew her consent to penetration by Meander. The victim asked to leave and Sanders said "you could leave after I am done." The victim closed her eyes and tried to mentally and emotionally remove herself from the situation. At that time she was not able to discern who was doing what to her.


Then the woman saw a flash she assumed was from a cell phone camera.

The victim asked both Sanders and Meander about the photo and Sanders told her that there was not a photo. The victim then dressed and left the room crying.


Police found the woman tucked under a desk, barefoot and crying.

While police talked to Meander and Sanders, the two players began texting each other about what they were saying to investigators. Police say they got consent to look at the two men's phones and found "at least one photo of the victim on Sanders' phone."


Both players were released on personal recognizance bonds soon after being booked. The American-Statesman talked to Brian Roark, the lawyer who represents Sanders, and he told the paper: "He is innocent though and eventually, that will be proven."

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