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Police Union Threatens Not To Work Browns Games Over Anti-Cop Instagram Post

In response to the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Browns running back Isaiah Crowell posted a drawing of a police officer getting his throat slit on his Instagram account:


Crowell quickly deleted the post, and later issued an apology:

This apology was not good enough for Stephen Loomis, the president of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, who went to TMZ to demand that Crowell make payments to the families of the cops who were killed in Dallas. He then threatened to pull his officers away from their duties at Browns games:

Loomis says Crowell’s post was as “offensive as putting a picture of historical African-American men being hung from a tree in the 60s.” He adds that if Crowell doesn’t go to Dallas and make a donation, “I will pull Cleveland officers, sheriffs, state troopers out of First Energy Stadium this season if he doesn’t make it right.”

As for Crowell admitting he was wrong and acted out of rage — Loomis says, “You’re a grown ass man, and you claim you were too emotional to know it was wrong? Think we’ll accept your apology? Kiss my ass.”


This morning, Crowell posted a video in which he claims that he will donate his first game check of the season to the Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation. Perhaps Crowell’s donation, along with his apology, will be enough to convince Loomis that his officers should go on doing their jobs in the face of athletes putting stupid things on social media.

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