A South Carolina woman was arrested on Valentine's Day after she allegedly hit her fiance with a large beer bottle, then claimed it was self-defense.

Shannon Bridges hit her fiance in the head with a Dale Earnhardt Jr. beer bottle—possibly similar to this one?—but it was only part of a larger plan by Bridges, according to the police report.

From FOX Carolina:

Bridges, 36, began to hit him, but tripped over some vegetables, deputies said. According to the report, Bridges began slapping herself and told her fiance she was going to call the police on him because she had marks on her.

When deputies asked Bridges what happened, she said her fiance attacked her and she hit him with the bottle in self-defense.

The victim told deputies what Bridges did, so when they asked her what happened, the deputy said he used the subterfuge message to get her to admit to the assault, according to the report.


The "tripped over some vegetables" detail seems necessary.

Bridges was reportedly "grossly intoxicated" and charged with criminal domestic violence. And Valentine's Day was ruined.

[FOX Carolina]

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