Politician Who Cooked Up Horrid Braves Stadium Deal Gets Voted Out Of Office

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As chairman of Cobb County, Tim Lee helped oversee the deal that put Cobb County taxpayers on the hook for almost half a billion dollars to finance the Braves’ new stadium. Not only has the new traffic nightmare of a ball park depleted the county’s public parks fund and ushered in a new wave of sinister legislation, residents never even got to vote on it or voice dissent at county meetings. Lee made the case that he needed to push the deal through in secret, because the Braves needed to adhere to a tight timeline.

That is, of course, obvious bullshit, and thankfully, Cobb County residents put him in the trash can and voted him out of office this evening.


Mike Boyce ran against Lee with a platform that took issue with Lee’s clandestine dealings, and he easily beat him today. Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boyce held a 64 to 36 percent lead over Lee at the time that just over half of the precincts had reported in (those figures seem to have held). Half an hour after those results started to come in, Lee conceded.

“I told him we, we would work with him to keep this county going strong,” Lee said, fighting back tears.


One Cobb County resident told Deadspin:

That deal makes me want to leave. I’m just glad everyone else is mad too. Just remember that when “Cobb County stole the Braves” - its residents did not support it.

Let this be a lesson to voters represented by politicians who allocate public funds to billionaires for stadiums without the consent of the public. Vote these shiny-eyed jackals out of office!