Well, it's either that or another example of egregious misspelling in the nation's capital.

There's something poetic about the word "Redsikins." Like it's some old, foregone, 'low-the-Mason-Dixon-Line slang. In our imagination, it would have originated during the time of Joseph McCarthy or was uttered when someone couldn't find Sanford & Son on TV and was asked what they were doing. Terrible name for a football team, but an improvement over the whole imperialism-and-racism thing they're working with currently. Still wouldn't explain the Hogettes though.

Spelling Fail: Redskins Cheerleaders Sport Jackets With Team Name Spelled ‘Redsikins' [Sportress of Blogitude]



Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Speaking of Washington, I'm headed to Redsikin country for the day tomorrow to do...something. It should be good though.