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Potomac River-Based Sports Franchise Inadvertently Renamed

Well, it's either that or another example of egregious misspelling in the nation's capital.


There's something poetic about the word "Redsikins." Like it's some old, foregone, 'low-the-Mason-Dixon-Line slang. In our imagination, it would have originated during the time of Joseph McCarthy or was uttered when someone couldn't find Sanford & Son on TV and was asked what they were doing. Terrible name for a football team, but an improvement over the whole imperialism-and-racism thing they're working with currently. Still wouldn't explain the Hogettes though.

Spelling Fail: Redskins Cheerleaders Sport Jackets With Team Name Spelled ‘Redsikins' [Sportress of Blogitude]


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Speaking of Washington, I'm headed to Redsikin country for the day tomorrow to do...something. It should be good though.

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