Premier League Dominates Ranking Of World's Richest Soccer Clubs

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Everyone knows that the Premier League is the money-gettingest league in the world, but it’s always helpful to see that laid out in stark detail. Thankfully, we have the new Deloitte Football Money League report, which ranks the world’s clubs by revenue, to do that for us. Sure enough, the EPL is hella paid.

The top two teams, predictably, are the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid (who’ve topped the list 11 years running now) and Barcelona. However, 9 of the top 20 overall are EPL clubs, and they add 8 more in the 21-30 range. Here is the top 20 in its entirety:


Some thoughts:

  • Seriously, how crazy is it that West Ham are practically on par with Inter, one of the most storied clubs in all of Europe?
  • Seriously, how crazy is it that Leicester (ranked 24th) are pulling in more money than Napoli (ranked 30th)???
  • Though their top team only nabs the 10th spot, Serie A is well represented with four teams in the top 20, the second most behind England’s count.
  • PSG might be fourth overall in the rankings, but their revenue stream is sort of illusory. As Bloomberg Business points out, the Parisian club gets a suspiciously high 61.8 percent of their revenue from their commercial interests—meaning sponsorships and the like. The majority of the Qatar-owned club’s largest sponsors are other Qatari-owned companies.
  • In case you needed more evidence of how miraculous Atlético Madrid’s feats over the past handful of years have been, just look at their 15th-ranked revenue, which is about one-third of the big two Spanish clubs that currently sit behind them in the La Liga standings.

Expect the EPL’s domination to only continue going forward, especially after that huge new TV deal kicks in next season. These are good times to be an English club.


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