Not content to just have him go to beer pong tournaments and chat with old friends in gymnasiums, ESPN has decided to give America more Rick Reilly: Behold, the SportsCenter Mt. Rushmore of Sports.

Awful Announcing, who appears to be the only blog patient enough to read through ESPN press releases, has the long, convoluted gimmick all block-quoted for those of you who can't get enough of ESPN public relations staff yarn-spinning. I'll attempt to summarize it for you: all 50 states nominate their top athletes on, the votes are tallied, winners heads etched on a computer-generated rock, Reilly banter, and...back to you Neil. Oh, wait Wilbon's involved somehow too. Should be fun. One caveat:"To be eligible, the sports icons must be individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of sports in their respective states/regions (athletes, coaches, team executives, owners, media/commentators, et al)."

So no Baby Mangino. Calm down, Kansas.


Tomorrow: My mayor's bet, Waxing Off, Deleted Scenes, other stuff.

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