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Pro Wrestling Isn't Always Fake, As Jesse Sorensen Learned During Sunday's TNA Pay-Per-View

Professional wrestler Jessy "Jesse" Sorensen remains hospitalized after suffering a broken neck during the TNA promotion's "Against All Odds" pay-per-view event Sunday night in Orlando. TNA president Dixie Carter (not to be confused with the late Designing Women star) said in a statement Sorensen cracked his C1 vertebra and had spinal cord swelling.

He's still in intensive care, where Inside Pulse reports he has feeling in his legs, but cannot move them. Despite this, doctors expect a full recovery per


Obviously, any "news" from the world of pro wrestling carries with it a reasonable doubt of veracity. But the video suggests there was definitely a botched move of some sort from Zema Ion ( Michael Paris) and the match referee clearly displays differing nonverbal signals when talking to Sorensen after the incident as opposed to when the referee returned to the ring to count Sorensen out.

The injury comes at a bad time for TNA, which is already mired in a worker's compensation lawsuit that alleges the company engages in practices dangerous to its employees. Even worse, it's alleged the promotion has avoided medical coverage for wrestlers who suffer real injuries inside the squared circle. But, then, if everything was worked, there wouldn't be a need for worker's compensation.

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