Last year, we ran a Thanksgiving edition of the NFL Jamboroo the day before Thanksgiving. But we're gonna forgo that this year and run the Jamboroo early tomorrow morning. Why? Well, for one thing, there isn't fucking jack SHIT to do on Thanksgiving morning. You watch the parade for two minutes, you offer to help your mom cook even though you don't actually want to help, you set your fantasy lineup, you masturbate after sleeping in, then lay in bed for another fifteen minutes so you can masturbate a second time. It's a real black hole in an otherwise awesome day.So I'll try try and stuff that cavity the best I can with a luscious dick-joke and slivered almond dressing. Nazi Shark offered to make side dishes, although I'm not all that excited at the prospect of trying creamed Jew. Also, we'll have candied yams. And Robert Evans, who already looks as if he's been candied himself. Plus appearances from Queensryche, John Forte, Ocho & Marvin, and many more. So join me, won't you? /undoes belt, sticks hand down pants It'll be a wonderful day to spend as a Deadspin family.