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Prospect Who Left Combine Because Of God Spent Three Days In Airport

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Good news: Ex-San Diego State running Adam Muema is alive and accounted for. No one had talked to him since he left the combine for God reasons, but he reportedly had spent three days in an airport in Fort Lauderdale before asking a friend to pick him up.

Corey Nelson, a linebacker from Oklahoma, had been training with Muema in Florida since January. Muema called Nelson on Thursday, asking him to pick him up from the airport.


From U-T San Diego:

Nelson said Muema was still wearing his NFL combine gear when he got into the car. When asked to describe Muema's demeanor on Thursday, Nelson said the running back seemed "focused, cheerful and very wise."

"He said he was at the airport for three days straight," Nelson said. "He was telling me when I picked him up that God told him to stay at the airport and don't do anything, just stay there. That's what he did for three days straight.

"On the fourth day, he told me he couldn't do it anymore. He decided to call me."

It gets stranger:

Nelson picked Muema up on Thursday and took him straight to a grocery store because Muema said he was hungry since he hadn't had much to eat in three days.

"He didn't have food (while at the airport), and he said God blessed him and then two guys came up and bought him food and something to drink," Nelson said.


This morning, Nelson took Muema to the airport, where he caught a flight back to Los Angeles. A person from San Diego State told U-T San Diego that Muema had contacted the university's football program, though Muema still hasn't said whether or not he'll attend the Aztecs' pro day.

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