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A fan goes in for the hug during Sunday’s Dodgers game.
Photo: Harry How (Getty)

In the bottom of the eighth inning Monday night in Arizona, a young woman ran from the stands and into right field, where she appeared to awkwardly hug Dodgers superstar Cody Bellinger. Needless to say, this ended with the young woman being arrested.


On the spectrum of reasons for disrupting a professional sporting event, embracing Cody Bellinger is relatively understandable. Bellinger, on top of being a phenomenal baseball player, is quite dreamy, and it’s not hard to imagine how staring at him from the right field stands for long enough can start to feel like true love. Unfortunately, this type of ill-advised sweeping romantic gesture seems to be, uh, sweeping the nation—this was the second time in two nights that a young woman crashed a Dodgers game in order to embrace Bellinger in right field. Sunday in Los Angeles, Bellinger was hugged by another young woman, who told Bellinger that going to jail for the hug was worth it:

Bellinger tried to politely dissuade fans from attempting this after Sunday’s incident, warning that his hugs truly are not worth going to jail over. As these things go, “I do not wish to be hugged by crazy people” would probably be a more persuasive way of handling this, although Bellinger deserves credit for maintaining a sense of humor about it.


While this might seem like Bellinger is dealing with one of those good problems, it’s worth remembering that hugging or otherwise touching a stranger without their permission is totally uncool, even if the stranger is a 6-foot-4 dreamboat. It’s even less cool to facilitate this move by rushing the person while they’re on the job, and in a manner that leaves open the possibility that you are there to do them bodily harm. Please do not do this to anyone, under any circumstances, ever—even handsome and famous baseball men.

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