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One of the more terrifying moments in recent sports memory is the time Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk had his throat slit by an opposing player's skate, nearly dying right there on the ice. (The story, along with disgusting photo, can be found here.)

Well, it appears the business of merchandising knows no bounds, because, as points out, you can buy a figurine of Malarchuk's accident right there on the eBay. (Actually, the auction just closed.)


We think this could be a new trend in licensing of players' images and personas. Coming up soon: The Ray Chapman beaned brain, the Dennis Byrd wheelchair doll and, of course, Ryan Leaf doing anything.

Perfect For Fans And Sadists Alike []
The Story Of Clint Malarchuk [Ubersite]

(UPDATE: Actually, Malarchuk's throat was cut by his own teammates' skate, not an opponents. Our error.)

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