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Quiz: Fat, Complacent, Loser Yankees Or Fat, Complacent, Loser Tigers?

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We all know that the Yankees are fat, overpaid losers who can't hit the ball. What you may have forgotten is that the Tigers—who just swept the Yankees—were fat, overpaid, hitless losers themselves just a few months ago.


Take the quiz and see if you can determine whether the following statements were written about the regular-season Tigers or postseason Yanks.

  1. "[S]omeone in that moribund lineup actually made contact with a baseball and scored a run, then two more had the 'Oh, we're supposed to hit the ball?' revelation."
  2. "'Their offense doesn't look like it's going to be able to carry their pitching,' he said. 'They're very unathletic in the field, they're very slow.'"
  3. "But no matter who is playing, it seems that in each loss, they don't execute in one or two key spots, whether that's throwing a pitch to the wrong spot, not turning a double play or not hitting according to the situation."
  4. "It is one thing to lose, another to behave like losers."
  5. "They are the balding guys with beer guts playing softball on Sunday afternoons."
  6. "They're underachievers or they're overrated. They're lazy or they're unfocused."
  7. "I don't see anything that remotely looks like an adjustment from this team. Don't see anyone trying to go the other way or trying to stay back or keep the ball out of the air. They're just up there hacking."
  8. "They didn't just slump at the plate, they crawled into a fetal position."
  9. "They're buckling, and if they're trying to fight back, they sure aren't doing it with their heads. How and why did this team become mentally wobbly?"
  1. "It can't go on like this, but there's no easy way out. Players have been benched and cut and counseled."

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