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Qwest Field Says Its Beers Were Actually A Great Deal. Are They Drunk?

Qwest Field was exposed yesterday as a temple of avarice and graft, where honest fans buying large beers were duped into paying for medium-size beers. Qwest Field has been exposed today as the headquarters of a cut-rate spin machine.


The back story: Qwest was charging $8.50 for what was, reportedly, a large 20-ounce beer. A medium 16-ounce beer cost $7.25. But owing to an illusory cup, the large beer only looked large. In reality, it was the same size as the medium beer. Aggressive drinkers were getting ripped off.

The spin: The large beer wasn't really a medium beer. No, no. Owing to an illusory 16-ounce cup that holds 20-ounces, the medium beer was really a large! Fans who wanted a moderate portion of beer were getting a great deal at $7.25.


First & Goal, the outfit that manages Qwest, conducted some vigorous and unbiased detective work. Afterward, their flacks had this to say:

This is the first time we have been alerted to this fact. Upon our internal investigation this afternoon, we discovered the cups that are marked 16 oz. hold 20 oz. of liquid. Fans who purchased a 16 oz. beer actually received 20 oz. of beer for the 16 oz. price. Fans that purchased the 20 oz. beer received the amount they purchased.


In the full statement from First & Goal, there's some expected passing of the buck. But the company is "determined" to make things right with fans. To that end, they will serve beer at today's playoff game in a 20-ounce cup but only charge the 16-ounce price of $7.25. Which is still a rip-off. Is there any proof that the 20-ounce cup really holds 20-ounces? We don't have any.

No word yet on whether Qwest will also end its discriminatory policy of denying good beer to the rabble in the upper decks.


Video brews up Qwest Field beer controversy [The Seattle Times]

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