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Rabid Raccoon Walks Into Woman's House, Sleeps On Her Bed, Attacks Her

A poor woman in Massachusetts needs rabies shots after some dickhead raccoon walked into her house, slept on her bed, and attacked her face.

From NECN:

The raccoon, according to animal control, walked into the home on Hersey Street through a small cat door.

Hingham Animal Control Officer Leslie Badger says the raccoon then, "made it's [sic] way up onto the bed and then curled up and went to sleep."

"It got into bed, and she thought it was her cat and started petting it," said a neighbor who knows the victim well.

At that point, animal control says the raccoon attached itself to the woman's face and started to attack her.


The 73-year-old woman suffered bites and scratches to her face and hands; she's currently recovering at home while undergoing a series of rabies shots. The raccoon tested positive for rabies and was euthanized.


Photo: AP

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