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Raccoons On Reign Of Terror

Most any parent with an older teenaged child knows the drill. First comes that phone call at midnight from a downtown police precinct, notifying you that there has been a mishap with your car. Then comes the question: How did our son/daughter get the keys? Now the Tennessee Titans front office can relate to this anguish, only it's involving, ah, a costumed raccoon. As MJD pointed out over the weekend, T-Rac, the Titans' mascot who has entertained thousands with his mischievous antics, plowed over a New Orleans Saints player with a golf cart on Saturday just before the third quarter of their exhibition game. It is believed to be the first time ever that the human was the roadkill, and the raccoon was the driver. We go now to the Tennessean:

T-Rac, the raccoon mascot of the Titans, was driving a cart that hit Saints reserve quarterback Adrian McPherson. It occurred as T-Rac was heading off the field and the Saints were returning from their locker room for the third quarter.


When choosing mascots, the smarter teams always opt for the creatures without opposable thumbs.

Inquiries Possible After T-Rac Crash [The Tennessean]

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