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T-Rac Is Probably Not Going To The Pro Bowl This Year

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You wouldn't think that the responsibilities of a mascot would be too difficult to handle. Be nice to kids, jump around like an idiot when the home team scores, clutch your chest and act like you're dying when the away team scores, and throw out some cheap-ass team merchandize to fans who will act like you're handing out gold bars.

And oh yeah, there's one more thing: Don't plow your golf cart into any of the players.


But that is precisely what Titans mascot T-Rac did last night, steering his golf quarter into New Orleans Saints QB Adrian McPherson. McPherson stayed on the ground for a while, and did not return to the Saints sideline for the second half. If this is something he did on purpose on behalf of the Titans, he should've taken out Reggie Bush on one of his six carries for 59 yards.

This is disappointing behavior for T-Rac, a five-time pro bowl mascot. I don't know how any mascot who needs a golf cart is making the Pro Bowl, but I suppose that's another story for another day. We maybe should have seen thsi coming, though. On his website, he lists one of his hobbies as "drag racing down 2nd avenue in his chariot," and his favorite saying is, "I didn't do it." And his 'platform' is "to stop hit and runs on all Raccoons and get Raccoon crossings at all major highways and Interstates (especially near the Coliseum)."

Practice what you preach, you furry, hypocritical jerk.

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