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Cleveland sports radio host Kevin Kiley clearly has a problem with women. Last year, he shared some extremely dumb thoughts about the NFL’s first female referee, saying that the NFL was the “wrong place to put a woman.” He has very similar thoughts on the Bills’ decision to hire Kathryn Smith as a full-time quality control special-teams coach, and he shared those thoughts on the radio this morning.


Here’s Kiley’s being a moron:

The whole segment lasts 13 minutes, but here are some highlights:

This is the old conversation we had about having a woman vote for the Hall of Fame in football. It’s absurd. I mean do you really want your determination, whether you make the Hall of Fame in football, do you want a woman to have a vote on that, who’s never played the game and doesn’t understand the intensity of the game?


When you stand next to a woman are you bigger and stronger? Do you have the ability to impose your will physically on most people? Women don’t have that.


Football is about physical advantage. [Women] are at a loss when it comes to the reference points of football. This is not discrimination against women. I don’t care if a woman is President, that’d be great. I don’t care if a woman runs a corporation, that’d be great. But don’t set people up to fail.


She couldn’t possibly be qualified to the same level that a man could be qualified to do that.

What a neat guy.


h/t Jeff

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