Radio Hosts Nearly Come To Blows On Air Over Strength Of Raiders' Brand

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Shit got extremely real on the Doug and Wolf Arizona sports radio show this morning. Whereas most sports radio meltdowns involve a host getting into it with a caller or an interview subject, this one saw the two co-hosts very nearly scrapping in the studio.

This all started with Doug and Wolf veering into a conversation about the strength of the Oakland Raiders' brand, because that's the kind of shit you have to talk about when there are hours upon hours of airtime to fill. Wolf, who is the elder statesman of the Doug and Wolf show, argues that the Raiders' brand is incredibly strong and possibly worth billions of dollars. Doug, the young whippersnapper, presents a counterargument: younger NFL fans probably do not hold the Raiders in high regard because the Raiders have sucked a lot lately.

This conversation goes along pleasantly enough for about eight minutes, and then everything falls apart. In the clip above, you can hear the tail end of the discussion, which features Doug snidely patronizing his partner, Wolf getting fed up and telling Doug to shut it, Doug losing it a little bit at being told to shut up, and the audible sound of Wolf rising from his seat as he bellows, "You wanna go?!?"


All in all, this is a pretty great radio segment.

h/t Joe