Radisson Hotels Suspends Vikings Sponsorship

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If we learned anything from the NBA's Donald Sterling saga, it was that public outrage alone is not enough to force sports leagues to act. It only became clear that the NBA would take a serious stand with Sterling when sponsors began fleeing the Clippers in droves.

A similar moment may be arriving in the NFL. Following reports from earlier in the evening that Adrian Peterson had been accused of beating another one of his children, the Radisson hotel chain announced that they were suspending their sponsorship of the Vikings.


Radisson is based in Minnetonka, a suburb of Minneapolis, and their logo can be seen on the banner behind speakers at Vikings news conferences. Considering that Radisson's logo has been the backdrop to numerous press conferences about beating a child over the past few days, it's no surprise they're a little miffed.

Photo via Hannah Foslien/Getty