This has not been a great week for Rajon Rondo. On Tuesday, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck called the point guard "stubborn" and said he wasn't sure how "coachable [Rondo] really is."

And then yesterday, word came from ESPN's Jeff Goodman that Rondo has a broken hand and will be out for six-to-eight weeks. How Rondo broke his hand, as is the case with many offseason injuries, is more interesting:

Now, anyone who has slipped in the shower before can attest to it being a pretty terrifying experience, although a broken hand is not the first potential injury that comes to mind. Is Rondo concocting the shower story to protect his contract? You might remember Monta Ellis telling the Warriors in August 2008 that he tore a ligament in his ankle while working out, when in fact he hurt himself in a moped accident.


Rondo isn't exactly known for being mild-mannered, but it may be too early still to accuse him of any kind of coverup. Either way, you have to imagine this does not bode well for his future in Boston.


Photo via AP