Rams And Chargers Fans! Let Us Help You Say Goodbye To Your Owners

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Congratulations, Rams and Chargers fans! Your favorite teams have just abandoned you in favor of playing football at sunny and beautiful LAX International Airport. What a thrill! This brings to an end a sometimes contentious process that will, at long last, leave you in the dust and enrichen owners Stan Kroenke (KRONK!) and Dean Spanos an unfathomable, obscene amount. I’m sure you couldn’t be happier for those two.

As a matter of fact, since neither the Rams or the Chargers had an official final game at their respective home stadia, we’d like to help you say goodbye to the men who have made this historic increase in market share possible. If YOU would like to write in to discuss YOUR feelings about both Kroenke and Spanos, you should do so by emailing me right here, at drew at deadspin dot com. Please note that you are not bound by ANY constrictions on profanity, good taste, or threats of deliberate fecal contamination!

Help us say goodbye from your town to the NFL. Let these men know how much you appreciate them.


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