Randy Moss Is Back In Green Bay Today

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Randy Moss returns to the scene of a disgusting act this afternoon. His new team, the San Francisco 49ers will be visiting his old rival, the Green Bay Packers. Moss put up some impressive numbers in Green Bay. He also mimingly took down his pants. A lot of the players in today's game were playing high school football when Moss mooned Green Bay, including Packers safety M.D. Jennings.

"I can remember him wiping his butt on the goal post. I can remember that," Jennings said. "I was excited to see that happen. When you see someone do things like that, it's crazy."

That's probably the best way to describe Randy Moss: exciting, crazy. Well maybe that's the best way to describe Randy Moss the Minnesota Viking (and New England Patriot, for that one year).


Or maybe not. San Francisco has Moss listed as the starting wide receiver opposite Michael Crabtree. Maybe it says more about Mario Manningham than it does Randy Moss. Or maybe not. His hands won't magically turn to bricks, so if he still has the speed he could be the exciting Randy Moss. If not, he might be the same headache he was in Oakland and his final moments with the Patriots.

No matter what, he will be crazy exciting.

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