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Randy Moss To The Patriots. We Still Don't Believe It.

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As we await the inevitable Bill Simmons column about this — Five Tool Tool goes ahead and sums it up for us — we continue to watch our mind boggle over the notion of Randy Moss playing for the Patriots. We've never found Moss as annoying as, say, Terrell Owens, but he's hardly what we think of when we think of the Patriots. (For example, he's never impregnated a supermodel or carried on a long distance affair with a married woman.) Some Patriots fans are already concerned.

Are you getting the great football player Randy Moss, or are you getting the pain in the ass Randy Moss? That's been the question posed to coaches, executives, and owners throughout Randy's career. Let's face it; the guy can play. He's as talented as Terrell Owens, as fast as many of the top speed receivers, and can haul in just about anything. But as enamored as we are with his talents, I have a real hard time believing his past is in the past. And before you say this is just like Corey Dillon, Randy Moss is no Corey Dillon. Corey just wanted to play for a winner, and he still worked hard to do that. Randy Moss has been on teams that have won games, but he's quit on them too. Will this work out for the Patriots? It better, otherwise we're in for a rough ride next year.


No matter what, it will be entertaining. And it should make the Patriots a ton more fun in Madden too.

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(UPDATE: Simmons has chimed in with considerably fewer than 5,000 words.)