Rasheed Wallace Just Got Ejected After 85 Seconds Of Playing Time [Updated With Video]

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And it was for the best reason. His first tech, naturally, was for shoving [UPDATE: More of a whack, really] Luis Scola. Goran Dragic went to the line to shoot his technical free throw. He missed. Sheed yelled, "Ball don't lie!", as he is wont to do. Tossed. He'd been in the game for 1:25. The crowd went wild. [UPDATE: Sounds like they had mixed feelings, though.] What could he possibly do for an encore?


There are a lot of [Player X] being [Player X] truisms out there—"Manny being Manny" is still probably the most famous, and the most useful in its prime—but right now, Sheed being Sheed is the best game going.


Still, this is a little like ejecting Michael Jordan for sticking is tongue out, or Steve Nash for putting his hair behind his ear: Sheed needs to point out when a miss supports his claims about the refereeing. It centers him, it's part of his routine. He believes that the ball doesn't lie, and that officials do. NBA refs would do well to acclimate themselves to his belief system. It's the only tolerant way to approach the job.

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