Ray Allen Leaves Boston Just As He Found It: In Shambles

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Last night Ray Allen told Miami Heat officials that he will be accepting their "mini mid-level" contract offer of about $3 million. Boston is reacting with its usual restrained dignity. He's now being called a traitor or Judus. (Funny story about Ray Allen: he was once in a movie and played a guy called "Jesus Shuttlesworth.")

Allen spurned the Celtics and almost twice as much money to play for the Heat. It probably says more about the Celtics than Ray Allen's character. Kevin Garnett is basically a tall, sweaty man who yells at people now and Paul Pierce is getting old at a position that doesn't tolerate getting old for long. The Celtics are on the way down and The Heat are very clearly on the way up.

For Ray Allen, he's joining another "Big" Collection Of Players, two of whom are in the prime of superstar careers. Allen's very specified skill set could be the perfect complement. For the Heat, rather than lucking into straight-out-of-left-field three-point shooting performances out of Shane Battier, the team now has a legitimate sniper to rely on. For us, can you imagine all the talking points? There will be a whole new strain of "Can LeBron close?" discussions. Get pumped.


Which leaves poor old Boston. Remember the Halcyon days of the mid-aughts? So many championships. Now, the town's got a whack-job Tea Party goalie, Ray Allen bolted from the only place he ever won and for less money and Bobby Valentine is actually managing the Red Sox. It's a rough scene.