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Read The Full Saga Of The Piggyback Bandit

Back in 2009, we wrote about the strange antics of Sherwin Shayegan, otherwise known as the Piggyback Bandit. Intrigued by Sherwin's story, the fine folks at Grantland sent Bryan Curtis on the bandit's trail in the hopes that some sense could be made of the man's obsession with piggyback rides.


Curtis's piece is tremendous, and it paints a picture of Shayegan that is whimsical yet ultimately heartbreaking. We find out that Shayegan suffers from Asperger's syndrome, and once lured a high school football player into a library where he asked him to fill out a list of questions that included, "Have you ever pissed your pants during a football game or practice?" You would do well to spend some time reading through the whole story.

The Ballad of the Piggyback Bandit [Grantland]

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