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Natalie Randolph is a woman. But she's also a high school football coach in Washington D.C. Is your mind blown yet? It shouldn't be. We've been here before.


Randolph, the coach at Coolidge High School, hasn't even coached an official game and already there are murmurings about how she can't handle the heat. According to Prep Rally, things aren't going so well for the coach: her star quarterback—Stephon Stevens—has transferred to rival Dunbar High School just days before the start of the season.

This is an official Media Kerfuffle because 1.) the transfer happened outside a designated window; 2.) it's a fairly major player leaving the team; and 3.) she's a lady. Actually, it's a Media Kerfuffle because she's a lady. Yahoo! doesn't write about a high school quarterback switching teams before the season starts unless they have the lady-coach angle. The gentle implication is that ladies just don't have the head for this sort of thing.

Randolph is handling it quite well. She had this to say about Stevens leaving the team: "It happens, but we'll get over it." Fuckin' A.

And let's remember: At this point in movie Wildcats, Goldie Hawn was facing a lot of doubt from everyone around her—even her players Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes!—and dealing with a custody battle with her no-good ex-husband, James Keach. Randolph will really need to up the madcap adversity if there's a movie to be made from all this.


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