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Rebounderz Would Like You To Know That Joba Chamberlain Did Not Get Injured At Rebounderz, But At A Non-Rebounderz Brand Trampoline Arena

Today we received a letter, from Al Palladino, Sr. VP at Rebounderz® Franchise and Development, Inc. Mr. Palladino takes issue with our headline last week that implied Joba Chamberlain injured himself at one of the six Rebounderz® facilities in Florida.


Mr. Palladino would like to clear things up, and report that Chamberain did not suffer an open dislocation and massive bleeding due to an incident on a trampoline at Rebounderz®, which offers family fun and fitness. Instead, it was competing trampoline arena franchise AirHeads USA where Chamberlain ripped apart his ankle, horrifying scores of children who had not as of yet been forced to face the concept of death. This does not come as a surprise, because as Mr. Palladino points out, AirHeads USA has copied the color scheme of Rebounderz®, but hasn't copied Rebounderz®'s commitment to safety.

We apologize to Mr. Palladino and to Rebounderz®, and join them in wishing Joba Chamberlain a full and fast recovery. And we urge Chamberlain, once his ankle is healed, to consider Rebounderz® for his next birthday party, bar mitzvah, or regular old afternoon out with the family. Rebounderz® is fun for kids of all ages, and is in no way a death trap for chubby middle relievers.

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