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This Is The 911 Call Of Joba Chamberlain's Trampoline Injury

The New York Daily News got this the other day, but it just came to our attention. As you can hear in the audio above, Joba Chamberlain's injury was reported as a "compound fracture" of the ankle. The bone had come all the way through the skin, and there was blood, though the caller can be heard to say it wasn't that much, and Chamberlain was said to be "perfectly calm" throughout.

We knew Chamberlain's injury didn't happen at Rebounderz, and we knew it didn't happen at AirHeads. But we can now say for certain that Chamberlain got hurt at Boing Jump Center. Mystery solved. The trampoline war is over.


Joba's a pitcher of calm on 911 tape [New York Daily News]

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