Recalling The Time Bennie Blades Pulled A Bazooka Out Of His Car Trunk To Settle A Fight

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bennie blades

Here's a nice, terrifying memory from Lomas Brown—the former NFL player who now says things on ESPN for money—regarding his former Detroit teammate Bennie Blades. Brown told Dan Le Batard and Le Batard's father today that Blades was the "craziest teammate" he ever had, and then shared this special anecdote:

Oh, Bennie Blades. We were at the ballet dance, if you get my drift, we were at one of those establishments. Bennie didn't like the goings-on inside the place, so he had a few words with a couple guys inside the place, told those guys to come outside, where he proceeded to go to his trunk. He didn't pull out a handgun or a machine gun; he pulled out a bazooka, Dan. A bazooka. I had never seen a bazooka in real life until I was standing next to Bennie Blades and he pulled it out of his trunk. Unbelievable.

Blades helped the Miami Hurricanes win a national championship in 1987, and so to explain the behavior Brown told Le Batard: "That's our homeboys, Dan, you know, from The U. University of Miami. You know, them guys got a little edge on themselves down there."


The entire interview is viewable here, just in case you'd also like to hear about the time Lomas Brown shit his pants in the middle of a game.

Update: Eli writes in to tell us that Blades called into Le Batard's radio show on Miami's 790 The Ticket and confirmed the story with one small correction: It wasn't a bazooka in the trunk, it was an Uzi.