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Recapping The Nooners: Jevan Snead Will Eat Your Babies

Ole Miss 31, Florida 30. NOOOOOOO!!! TEEEBOOOOOOOW!! TEEEBOOOOOOOWW!! NOOOOOO!!! Nutt. Snead threw for 185 yards, thew two TDs, ran for another, cured AIDS and created the first perpetual motion machine. Tebow couldn't find a rhythm in the face of the Rebels' pass rush, and the two Sunshine State schools are now 0-2 on the day. Ohio State 31, Minnesota 24. Beanie Wells had 100 yards in his return, but why are the Buckeyes still letting that white kid play quarterback? Maryland 20, Clemson 17. I just heard someone say, "Oh, Clemson lost! It's one of those days in college football." That day is Saturday. And if Maryland had any sort of red zone offense in the first half, it would have been even worse. Michigan State 42, Indiana 29. The Spartans are looking startlingly consistent. Javon Ringer was just 2 yards short of gaining 200 yards for a third consecutive game. So why did they take a knee to end the game? Pittsburgh 34, Syracuse 24. How the fuck is Pitt 3-1? Duke 31, Virginia 3. Virginia is the girl in the dorms at anyone can buttfuck on any given day. Oh, and Ball State won. Not that you give a shit.


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