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'Red River Shootout' Should Moisten Panties Just Fine

Those of you looking for that blatantly marquee matchup today are in for something special: The Big XII will take center stage today with the 103rd renewal of the Red River Shootout. Of course, now they've given the game this miffy, effeminate name of the "Red River Rivalry," which elicits the same sort of inspiration as a calculus midterm or a date with someone that you know, for a fact, doesn't put out. But this game always puts out, and with both teams heading into the Cotton Bowl ranked in the top five, you may want to shoo away your roommates before this thing gets too heavy. The No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners are riding the arm of sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford. In four of his first five games, he's completed over 74 percent of his passes. Everyone seems to be expecting another big day from Bradford against a Texas secondary with only one upperclassman: junior Deon Beasley. The No. 5 Texas Longhorns will answer with Colt McCoy, whose heroic-sounding name matches his play under center. You wouldn't expect a dirty-looking white kid like McCoy to lead his team in rushing, but he does. He also has a very good receiver named Quan Cosby(32 catches, 416 yards, 3 TDs), and I really don't know whether to make a Cliff Huxtible joke or a Jerry Maguire joke hear. Most people see this matchup as the best game to date, but somebody has to win (unless the game is tied before being postponed due to lightning and isn't re-scheduled, but, golly, that seems so unlikely). This game kicks off at noon, so get your breakfast down early and give yourself ample seating space to ignore everyone around you. This should be a good one. (5) Texas (5-0) at (1) Oklahoma (5-0) [Yahoo! Sports]

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