Red Sox Fan Electrocuted While Train-Surfing [Correction]

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Photo: Michael Dwyer (AP)

A 24-year-old Red Sox fan, on his way back to New England from Yankee Stadium after watching Boston play the Yankees on Wednesday night*, was electrocuted and died after climbing on top of the train and touching overhead wires.


Michael Vigeant, of Hudson, N.H., and his brother, both clad in Red Sox gear, climbed on top of the moving Metro-North train about a half hour after it left Yankee Stadium on its way to New Haven. Train personnel were able to get the brother down safely, but Vigeant touched an electrified wire and was killed.

According to the Post:

The conductor called out over the loudspeaker for medical professionals to help the man as the power to the train went down, knocking out the air conditioning and flush toilets, riders said. Meanwhile, riders, many of whom had been drinking at the game, got more and more agitated. Some threatened to kick out the windows, and Yankee and Red Sox fans started beefing with each other. says Vigeant was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post incorrectly said Vigeant was killed Thursday night. It has been updated with the correct information.