Red Sox Will Visit White House

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Because this is now a legitimate question after every championship, it was news Monday night when the Boston Red Sox announced they have accepted an invitation to visit President Trump at the White House. When it is and who will attend are still up in the air—J.D. Martinez must be psyched, but you can probably count on some number of players conspicuously skipping it—but manager Alex Cora, who criticized Trump during the season, will be there.


Cora had harsh words for Trump after the latter’s dismissal of the death toll of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, though even at the time he noted, “I respect him. He’s the president of the United States.”

Trump rescinded an invitation to the Eagles, and never extended one to the Warriors, after players on both teams were publicly critical of him, but the MLB and NHL invitations have continued uninterrupted. (I wonder what those sports have in common?) Somewhat weirdly though, after the Capitals said that most players would attend a White House reception—minus a few exceptions—that visit has yet to be scheduled, and no one’s mentioned it in months.